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The whole goal is to have a curated page where people can go to see things for ideas and inspiration. Want to know what a Dark Matter motor looks like? Get Inspired. Want see what kit you should get next? Get Inspired. Don't want a kit and want to scratch build? Get Inspired. Want an idea for a cool paint job? Get inspired.  Our goal is to make this a dense concentration of the best photos the community has to offer so you can build, paint, and fly the best rocket you can! 

So what are we asking of you. We want you to join everyone else and share your photos. They can be awesome paint jobs, cool designs, or breath taking flights. They can be of small hobby rockets or massive L3 projects. The more participation we get the better! 

What makes a good photo that will make it onto the page:

  • High resolution 

  • Clear 

  • In focus

  • No people (with the exception of crowds, RSO, etc...)

Submit your photo and video with this form

Fine Print (because the world is crazy): 

Badass Rocketry reserves the right to use and modify any and all uploaded media for marketing and promotional purposes and may post them on social media sites such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc... with written permission from the person who submitted them. Any use of the submitted media outside promotional and marketing material will be used with written permission from the person who originally submitted it. Submitted media may or may not be used for a select period of time only. No compensation will be offered. Your email will not be shared. Any other details you add when submitting an entry may be used and shared. You are responsible to make sure you have the rights to share the media you submit. If this photo was taken by someone else, it is your responsibility to obtain their permission before submitting it. Not all submissions will be used. Their use will be predicated on their quality and overall fit with the Badass Rocketry brand. 

We are a tight community and Badass Rocketry will do our best to give proper credit where credit is due for use of all media submitted.  We will also make sure we get your permission if we want to use these photos outside of the 'Get Inspired' page on the Badass Rocketry website. 

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