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G10 Fiberglass Coupler Plates

All prices are for 1 Coupler Plate


Coupler Plate fit may vary due to .3 mm in tube tolerance


G10 fiberglass Coupler Plates (also known as airframe bulkheads) are precision cut to match Mach 1 tubing, but will work for other manufacturer's tubing (may require light sanding). Each plate has a small mark in the middle to identify true center. 


These Coupler Plates fit inside the airframe and butt against a coupler tube.


Specific Coupler Plate details below: 


Coupler Plate    Thickness     
BT20 1/16"
BT50 3/32"
BT55 3/32"
BT60 3/32"
54mm 1/8"
65mm 1/8"
76mm 1/8"
98mm 1/8"


G10 Fiberglass Coupler Plates

$3.00 Regular Price
$2.70Sale Price
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