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2020 Badass Build Party!

What is the Badass Build Party? 

A time where rocketeers all over the world spend two weeks building a rocket to be judged by their peers with prizes going to the people who built the the best rocket by way of the most likes on their picture. 

When is the Party?

October 9, 2020 - October 26, 2020

How does it work?

The process is simple. Keep reading for more details beyond the steps outlined below:

1. Buy any rocket that fits the build party rocket criteria listed below (any 2.0" to 2.9" rocket)

2. Start building the rocket on October 9, 2020 and finish it no later that October 26, 2020

3. Use THIS form to send a picture of your completed rocket to Badass Rocketry

4. When the time comes, you will be sent a link to a gallery of the pictures of all the rockets submitted to vote on.

5. Vote on your favorite rocket by clicking the heart icon on the picture. You can vote for more than one. Get others to do the same.

6. Celebrate the winners of the party! 

What rockets qualify?

Any rocket with a diameter of 2.0" to 2.9". The rocket can be made from any material, can be a kit or scratch built, and have any size motor mount. This will allow anyone with any certification and any skill level participate in the festivities. However, don't get too ambitious as the rocket must be completed and pictures submitted by the deadline to count. 

When will voting open and close?

Pictures will we ready to vote on October 27th and voting will end November 1

What prizes are going to be offered?

First Place: Mach 1 Fiberglass Kit 

Second Place: LOC Precision kit 

Third Place: 

What if there is a tie? 

In the event of a tie, the winner will be whoever submitted their rocket for judging first. 

Does the rocket HAVE to be built within those two weeks? Can I start sooner? 

Yes,  your rocket MUST be built in those two weeks. No, you cannot start sooner. If we find out you cheated, we will make you fly packs of Estes E9 motors until you CATO your favorite 24mm rocket! 

Are any vendors offering sales for this? 

Interesting you should ask! 

Badass Badass Rocketry is offering 20% off any 2.2" and 2.6" build guide with the coupon: BABP2020

Hoe many pictures do I need to submit? 

One. One picture. Not two, or three. One. Make it awesome. Make it sell your rocket. Voting is based of your ONE submitted photo so make it a good one. If you submit more than one photo, Badass Rocketry gets to pick the ONE that represents your submission. 

How many rockets can I submit? 

One rocket per person will be allowed.​

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