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Warranty Claim Form

Please use this form to file a Mach 1 warranty claim. Thank you. 

Thanks for submitting!

Terms and conditions:


This warranty only covers rocket kits purchased up to one (1) year before the submission of the claim. Individual components purchased are not covered. Warranty claims are at the sole discretion of Mach 1 Rocketry and does not constitute a legal obligation to the purchaser, builder, or flyer of the rocket. The term “reasonably” will be defined by Mach 1 Rocketry at the time the claim is submitted and may require photographic or video evidence.  Only fiberglass components manufactured by Mach 1 Rocketry are covered by this warranty. This warranty does not cover products such as Badass Rocketry components, Bandit Components, recovery items, and any other third party products. This warranty does not cover lost or stolen goods. Only items purchased directly through Mach 1 Rocketry will be covered by this warranty. If you have read this far, you are a gentleman/lady and a scholar. Only the original purchaser of the product is covered by the warranty.

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