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Customer centric approach


Our Partnerships and Brands

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Premium Products

It's no accident Mach 1 Rocketry is known for having the best fitting fiberglass kits on the market. ​From fins to fin slots, from centering rings to couplers, kits you buy from Mach 1 are test fit to ensure each component is ready for your build with minimal amount of sanding. No modifications required.

All hardware found in Mach 1 kits, from BT20 to 98 mm, are of the highest quality stainless steel. Our eye nuts are forged for the strongest possible connection between your rocket and recovery gear. 

We offer kits that are unsurpassed by attention to the details that matter. This is the Mach 1 standard.

Customer Centric Approach

You matter to us. It is our goal to make sure you see and feel your importance to us with every interaction you have with Mach 1.

Our website is tailored for simplicity. You can find the kit you want and everything you need to complete the kit - all on one page.  We did the homework for you so you can focus on building and flying, instead of getting lost in the details. Our goal is to provide answers to all the questions you have about our kits, and your build, through the resources on our site.

We are the first company to offer a warranty program that is focused on getting you back in the air as fast as possible. This hobby is fun and we encourage you to SEND IT!


Our innovation is seen in every facet of Mach 1 Rocketry. It starts with a mindset that always looks ahead; a relentless pursuit to make things better than they were. 

Our manufacturing process offers the highest degree of consistency and reliability. Mach 1's design process ensures stunning and unique kits that break the monotony of the "same design, different fin" commonly found in the industry.

We pride ourselves through innovation by design. 

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