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Blackbird BT55

Diameter: BT55 (33 mm)


Total Length: 42.5 in


Nose Cone: BT55 5:1 plastic nose cone


Payload: Filament wound fiberglass (16 in)


Booster: Filament wound fiberglass (20 in)


Motor Tube: Filament wound fiberglass (24 mm)


Coupler AV Bay Tube: Filament wound fiberglass (5 in)


Fins: G10 fiberglass surface mount fins (1/16 in )


Bulkheads: (2) AV bay caps (1/8 in)


Centering Rings: (2) G10 fiberglass (3/32 in)


Deployment: Dual deploy


Included Accessories:

  • 1500 lb Kevlar attachment tether (6 ft)
  • (2) Mini Rail Buttons
  • (2) M3 stainless steel eye nuts, bolts and washers 


Recommended Motors: D - G

Blackbird BT55

SKU: M-M1R-55-044
$49.00 Regular Price
$41.65Sale Price
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    No substitutions will be available with packages or upgrades 

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