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Fiberglass Nose Cones

Mach 1 filament wound fiberglass nose cones come with the following: 


  • Fiberglass filament wound 5:1 nose cone
  • Coupler 
  • Glue in bulkhead 
  • Gunmetal anodized aluminum tip and stainless steel hardware 
  • Stainless steel eye nut assembly for recovery harness attachment 


Detailed Specifications:


SizeExposed Length    Eye Nut Size
BT60205 mmM4
 (8.07 in) 
54mm270 mmM5
 (10.63 in) 
65mm325 mmM5
 (12.8 in) 
76mm380 mmM6
 (14.96 in) 
98mm    490 mmM6
 (19.29 in) 

Fiberglass Nose Cones

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